Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Celebrating Priorities

I've really neglected my blog over the past several weeks ... not intentionally ... but it just turned out that way.  Although I've written several posts, none of them have made it past my brain.  
Sometimes there's just so much going on in a household with three generations
 under the same roof, that priorities must be given to:  
what I need to get done
what I would like to get done
what I can take care of later (whenever "later" may be)

Some events on our calendar have been forgotten about (not by design, but just simply over-looked).  Although we have a rather large dry-erase calendar in our dining room for appointments, events & other activities, there have been a couple of times that we've simply just missed it.  No disrespect or misunderstanding was intended, but sometimes life gets a little hectic.

So, here's a little glimpse into what's been happening for the past month in our household:
 We celebrated Lucy turning 4 years old ...

at home ...

and at Disney World!!!
(This trip was awarded to the 'Joes in appreciation for his service to out country & his Purple Heart)


It sure doesn't take long for time to get away from us ... 
and for things to be left undone for the day.
 But these two little kids are growing up too fast on Granny & Grandad ... 
so we are enjoying every moment we get with them.


Doris said...

Precious photos!How fun for your Grand to celebrate at such a wonderful place! I know what you mean....our 2 little ones that we plan to live with soon (oh how I want it to be soon!!) are growing up so fast.

I enjoy reading about your family! Enjoy today =)

Granny said...

Thank you, Doris for stopping by! Yes, these little ones are sure growing up too fast on us -- but what a ride this grandparenting-stuff is :) .... hope you have a blessed day, my friend :)

momto8blog said...

what a beautiful family you have! I just found out our oldest daughter is pregnant..I want that special relationship with our new grandchild!!!
I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
happy Sunday!