Friday, October 14, 2011

Our Day Trip & Family Heritage

Last Friday my alarm clock sounded its presence at 3:15am.  Granddad had taken the day off from work (as long as you consider checking and returning messages from his phone as "taking the day off").  

He and I were taking the day to visit his parents & grandmother who live about 7 or so hours away.  Yeah, I know ... that's probably setting a record for what's considered as a "day trip".  But, it's been a while since we've been able to visit, so we headed out early that morning ...

And had a wonderful visit! 

Here's the 3 generations -- Granddad, his Mom and his Mommaw.

Granddad & I cannot believe that Mommaw is 90 years young!

Granddad with his parents.


All of us -- courtesy of our camera timer.

Although the visit was short, we enjoyed it very much ... just wished we had more time to spend with them.  We went out for a late lunch, then back to the house and reminisced through some old family pictures.  I picked out "several" pictures to scan, and ended up bringing home hundreds for my spare time hobby.  

(I have a really awesome idea that I am working on to implement mine and Granddad's childhood pictures.  And I have bunches of pictures to start practicing on!)
Here's a few of "bonus" pictures of years ago ... Granddad, his parents & brother in their family bluegrass band.  Music is a major aspect of his heritage, and through the years God has given Granddad the opportunity to use his heritage & gifts for His service.  


Oct '83

Oct '83


May '84  (Granddad & I were newlyweds!)

I love family pictures & reminiscing ... 

don't you?


Theresa said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip! I go back and visit older relatives as often as I can. You just don't know how much longer you will have with them.

Thanks for signing up for my blog hop. I am already following you.

Note Cards and Photos by Theresa

Granny said...

Thank you for stopping by Theresa. It's not very easy for us to travel & visit family these days, but we do enjoy visits when we can.

Hope you have a great weekend :)