Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our "Fourth" Weekend

I love it when holidays fall close to the weekend.  Granddad normally leaves the office early on the Friday, then we have the whole weekend plus the holiday to enjoy family time.  Our Fourth of July weekend began Friday afternoon when I met him across town for a late lunch, then he came home to the little princess who has captured his heart.  

In this chapter of our lives, our family time is centered around our granddaughter Lucy.  We make no bones about it -- we love our granddaughter (and our daughter & son-in-law too).  Granddad & Lucy had plenty of time to enjoy in our backyard pool over the weekend.  The weather was hot & humid, and the water was refreshing & relaxing (well, as much "relaxing" with a soon-to-be 3 year old as we can).  It was great!  We grilled chicken, burgers & hot dogs, and Lucy even had a special picnic lunch in between pool time and chasing everyone with the water hose!

Lucy lives in a house full of people who love our country and are so thankful to God for allowing us to live in the United States of America.  We do not take for granted what a privilege we have to call this country "home".  And Lucy showed her patriotism on Sunday going to church.  She was decked out in her special outfit, and everyone at church & Arby's loved it!


Chanting "USA!  USA!  USA!"

 She loves her "Lucy-size" American flag!

Couldn't resist "one more" pose before church.

Well, maybe we do need to get going now.

We believe in instilling the love for our Savior at an early age.  And to thank Him for the wonderful country in which we live.  And to be grateful for our military -- past & present -- who have fought for our freedom and who continue to protect us.  And to pray for our future military who will continue to defend our country & her people. And we pray for our country's leaders who make daily decisions for our nation and citizens.  It's no easy task for our leaders, but we continue to pray that God will guide them in the direction that He desires for our country.  

May God continue to bless the United States of America.


Erin said...

What a wonderful atmosphere to raise a child in...surrounded by people who love Jesus and who love our country! A great post...it blessed me and I have followed your blog!

Oklahoma Granny said...

Lucy is so blessed to have a family firmly grounded in God's Word and patriotic values.

WordsAndPen said...

Hi granny! And hello little Lucy!

It's very light here..no pressures, no sentiments..just pure love and joy..And Lucy is so cute too!

Thank you for dropping by my blog, I am now following you back because your blog is just simple yet worth reading..

btw, can I call you "lola" instead?that's how we say granny in Filipino..=)

Smiles from,

Andy at wordsandpen.com

Granny said...

Thank you ladies for your encouragement & kindness. There's nothing that compares to the privilege & responsibility that God gives us grandparents with our grandchildren. I look forward to reading more of your posts & am excited to be back online to catch up :)

Andy, "Lucy" was my "Granny" & I was very close to her throughout my life. When our granddaughter came along, I thought of all the different names referring to a "grandma" but always came back to "Granny". It's wonderful to be Granny to our little Lucy now :) We love family names & traditions. I love to hear of others who are or have been close to their Granny's too :)