Saturday, May 7, 2011

Prayer and Relationships

I thank God everyday for my Mother.  I've learned so much from her, and I'm still learning from her.  One of my earlier childhood memories is my Mother praying with me every night.  We would go into a closed room and she would guide me in praying ... for our family, our community, the sick, the hungry ... every night we prayed together.
I owe my prayer life today to the early teaching of my Mother. 

My Mother also has shown me the meaning of relationships.  In order to have a relationship with someone, I need to invest my time and energy as well.  My Mother has always made time to build and strengthen her relationships ... and now she is G-G to our little Lucy.  And trust me, Lucy always makes sure that she talks to her G-G everyday! (And hearing G-G's voice on the answering machine just does not count at all.)

Now, if I go on and on too much about my Mother, I'm sure that I will hear about it somehow.  Mother doesn't like any fuss over her nor is she the "showy" kind.  She just lives her life everyday as God directs.  I'm very thankful to Him for blessing me with my Mother. 

Happy Mother's Day, Mother ~~~ I love you!

Four generations in '08 ... priceless.

Mother with her grandchildren & great-granddaughter '08

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