Thursday, May 19, 2011

No Excuse ... Just Grace

Our alarm clock went off at 5:30 this morning --- much like every weekday morning. No, it’s not always the easiest part of my day to get out of bed this early, but the 5:00 hour and I have a relationship that goes back to my childhood. Most mornings God lays something on my mind for me to focus on as I’m waking up: a Bible verse, a memory, a song, a movie or tv show … always something to help me wake up and begin my day. And sometimes He even lays the foundation for a blog post – such as this morning. So, we will see where God leads with His topic for the day.
Straight to the point …
Have you ever heard words (or said words) such as:  
There’s no excuse for what you did ... I am done with you ... I never want to talk to you again ... I don’t care if I ever see you again ...   

I'm not sure how a relationship gets to the point of these words being spoken -- or even thought of for that matter. Now I’m not saying that we all agree with each other all the time. We may not agree on anything under the sun … and we may disagree ‘til Kingdom come.  But it’s how we do it that makes the difference in our relationships. I for one cannot imagine speaking or writing or thinking these words to anyone. It’s just unfathomable to me.

I am so very thankful that I have people here on this planet Earth that I know would never in a million years say those kind of words to me. But … I’m even more thankful that there is the One who would never say those words to me --- my Heavenly Father God Almighty. No matter what I do, I know that I am always welcomed into His arms that are abounding in His amazing grace.

Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines grace as: a : unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification b : a virtue coming from God c : a state of sanctification enjoyed through divine grace 

But God’s grace isn’t just a definition. His grace goes beyond a definition. Unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness … I can’t earn it, can’t borrow from it, can’t hoard it. Grace is the very nature of God. Grace gives me what I do not deserve. Grace takes the broken and makes them whole.  Grace takes the undeserved and gives them hope. Grace takes the impossible and makes a way.  

When the world says There's no excuse for what you've done ... Grace says You don't need an excuse -- I paid the price for you.  

When the world says I'm done with you ... Grace says I treasure my relationship with you and love you unconditionally.

When the world says I never want to talk to you again ... Grace says My communication with you is never-ending.

When the world says I don't care if I ever see you again ... Grace says Welcome home my child --you are Mine.

My faithful Father, enduring Friend
Your tender mercy's like a river with no end
It overwhelms me, covers my sin
Each time I come into Your presence
I stand in wonder once again

Your grace still amazes me
Your love is still a mystery
Each day I fall on my knees
Your grace still amazes me 

'Cause Your grace still amazes me

Oh, patient Saviour, You make me whole 
You are the Author and the Healer of my soul 
What can I give You, Lord, what can I say 
I know there's no way to repay You 
Only to offer You my praise

It's deeper, it's wider 
It's stronger, it's higher 
It's deeper, it's wider 
It's stronger, it's higher
Than anything my eyes can see

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Ms. L said...

Very touching post. You are very lucky to have grown up with you nanny and shared memorable times together. Amazing how her values were passed on to you to live by. I love my granny so much and I know she loved me too. She had given me unconditional love and cared for me til I was 6 then she passed away.

Thanks for this post. This reminded me to pray for my granny and share her story with my kids so that memory of her lives on.