Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter 2011 with Lucy

Granny & Granddad had the honor of spending Easter Sunday with our favorite little princess.  Granny was pretty much taken over by her sinus problems & could barely talk, so unfortunately we did not go to church service.  Instead we had an early brunch at one of Lucy's favorite restaurants, and then strolled the grounds of the mall.  
It was a beautiful day that God gave us ... 
and Lucy made our day complete (as she always does).

Doesn't that smile just melt your heart?

And the sunglasses to complete the outfit.

So, now we're on the road.  And look at the "yarn octopus" Mommy made special for Lucy ... so cute!

Spreading her napkin ...
and ready for brunch.

Lucy knows her table manners very well!

A special Easter kiss ...
and Lucy gave Granddad a special "camel kiss"

After brunch, we had a nice stroll through the mall ... 
and Lucy LOVES to window shop!

Looking for the fishies after brunch at The Cheesecake Factory

Little Girl & her Granddad

So many little pretties!

Oh what a cute little puppy ...

... in her cute little bed!

Princess Lucy with baby Princess Aurora

Granny & Granddad had a very special Easter Sunday with our little Lucy.  God in His wondrous ways has given us all the gift of eternal life through His Son Jesus Christ.  And until the day we meet Him face to face, we nurture our relationships here on earth to show His love to others.  

Thank You God for the opportunity to share Your love 
with our precious granddaughter Lucy.  

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I'm Sheila Atchley. said...

A. Dor. A. Ble. Oh my goodness, what a blessing Lucy is!!!!