Friday, April 15, 2011

My Three Things ...

I admit that sometimes I’m a pessimist.  I don’t mean to be, but sometimes (more often than I like), my glass is half-empty.  At times it’s easier for me to see the negative rather than the positive … the conflict rather than the resolution … the disconnect rather than the connect.

However, there’s a simple exercise that I recently read from WebMD's “Accentuating a Positive Attitude”.  They list three exercises to help in seeing the glass half full: *meditation, *replace 1 negative thought with 3 positive actions, and *journal 3 positive things that happened each day.  So, in the midst of our hectic household, here’s Granny’s list of three positives from today:

~~ Snuggle time with Lucy.  Sweet little Lucy is still sick. Today (in the midst of her fluctuating fever), she curled up next to me and snuggled deep into my side. Yeah, poor little girl needs to get over this flu or whatever it is soon. But Granny loves to snuggle with this little precious angel even in the midst of her sickness.

~~ Breakfast & dinner with Granddad. With so many schedules coming & going in our house, it’s nice to be able to sit down to share some time together. Soon we will celebrate our 27th anniversary, and I still enjoy every moment we have together. 

~~ Shopping at Target this morning.  I know it sounds pretty shallow.  However, I found Lucy’s little swimmers for a great deal today … even got a $1.50 instant coupon!!!  Yes, Granny loves to find little ways of saving $$$ --- even just a dollar at a time.

You know, God is good all the time to me. At the end of the day, when everyone is home safe & sound, then it's been a good day.  Yes there's times when I do look at my glass as half-empty.  But God always desires to give me a full glass … a glass that completely runs over of being so full.  I endeavor to do this exercise daily --- recounting (at least) 3 positive things that happened throughout my day. Will you do this with me?       

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