Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tweet-Inspired Perspective

One social network I take part in is Twitter.  Although I really have no idea what to tweet, I am extremely passionate about certain areas in life (Christianity, politics, self-improvement, etc).  I've learned that through Twitter, I much prefer to follow headlines with links to full stories -- anything from the mundane to the more substantial.  Granny does get her feathers ruffled occasionally over the mundane (just read my post on hairspray) as well as the more substantial current world events. Twitter allows me to "follow" and keep current with any person, event, organization, or topic that I choose.  It's what interests me.

One such person that Granny 'follows' on Twitter is Mandisa.  I have so enjoyed this girl's voice and testimony to Jesus Christ since she was on American Idol Season 5.  (Personally, I thought it would be between Elliott and Mandisa, but ... oh well ... back on topic.)

As I read through the Twitter headlines yesterday, I ran across Mandisa's which read "Filled up @ Shell 4 $2.79. Drove 3 miles & saw it @ Kroger 4 20 cents less. Have I mentioned how grateful I am 2 evn HAVE a car? #Perspective".  I was struck! Of all things for me to focus on, that one word struck me: perspective.  But, wait a minute, Granny!  This struck you over a 20 cent difference at the gas pump -- you really need to put things into perspective!  (Like I said, from the mundane to the more substantial):  Mandisa earlier today -- "How God-ronic that I'm n studio recording a song abt trusting God on hard days while I'm experiencing that exact thing! #Perspective"

Each of us have our own perspective on many different aspects of life.  Granny has her own perspective as well.  Sometimes our perspectives are shaped by our experiences, sometimes by events going on around us ... any aspect of our lives can help give us perspective on things.  Even social media.  My Twitter list encompasses everything from (the more substantial) Christ followers to politicians to military to gossip columns (the more mundane) and just about anything in between such as bloggers, writers, artists and so much more. 

"Granny, why do you let a mundane, simple thing like hairspray ruffle your feathers?" Well, it's not as if the realization of testing new brands of hairspray actually did ruffle my feathers, but it was a release for me.  From my "perspective",  it was just a way to kind of vent and joke about it ... something mindless that could be used to distract from other areas that I may have been dwelling on too long.  I'm really not that shallow to allow hairspray to be such a high priority to me.  Yes, that word -- perspective.

So ... in order to put perspective into perspective ... along comes Pollyanna, the young orphan from the 1913 novel by Eleanor H. Porter.  (Several movies have been adapted from this novel including Disney's 1960 version.)  The orphaned title character "Pollyanna" comes to live with her wealthy aunt -- a stark contrast to the missionary life Pollyanna is accustomed.  This young girl's philosophy of life centers around her "Glad Game".  The game originated on the mission field one Christmas when the 'missionary box' of gifts arrived.  Pollyanna had hoped for a doll ... but instead received a pair of crutches.  Her father instantly replied that they should be glad for the crutches because they didn't need them!  Thus, Pollyanna began looking on the good side of things that came her way. 

We would play the Glad Game when our daughter was younger, and now look forward to playing it with Lucy as well.  Yes, there's been many times when the Glad Game was turned aside and pretty much left to gather dust.  But maybe it needs to be brought back out to help Granny (and maybe others?) gain a new perspective on life's events, circumstances, situations ... So, here's a short list of a few things in Granny's Glad Game today:

For my time to spend with Lucy while I have the opportunity.

For our kids who serve God & our country.
For Granddad's perseverance in his career that gives me the opportunity to be a stay-at-home Granny.

For my parents living within an hour and a half away from me.

For the ongoing relationship I have with my family who live several hours away from us.

For God giving me the opportunity to do various things in my life: business life, full-time adult student, school teacher, church volunteer.

For our health that I so much take for granted until the days of doctor appointments.

For you who have endured to read to the bottom of this post.

When Granny puts things into perspective, my Glad Game list is never-ending.  
Hopefully yours is too!


I'm Sheila Atchley. said...

Love, love, love this post! You make me want to tweet.

(ohlordie...for some reason now, I hear the song in my head:

You make me wanna (tweet)
throw my hands up and (tweet)

Whew. I better go now.


Granny said...

This ol' tweeting Granny highly recommends at least trying out twitter

I'm mainly on it for headlines - inspiration - perspective ... where else could 'Pollyanna' have showed up?

Love the song -- thanks for putting it in my head now (tweet)

Let me know what you think about tweeting!