Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Five Little Tidbits

I 'borrowed' this idea from a new friend and a soon-to-be new Grandmommy.  Please stop by and visit  A Season of Harvest -- be prepared for a blessing! 

Tonight Granddad is at praise band practice, and the 'Joe's are going about their bedtime routine with Lucy.  So, in case you never really wanted to know ... here's 5 little tidbits of information about Lucy's Granny (nothing earth-shattering, just a little bit ...)   

1)  When I was just a very young little girl, I saw my Great-Grandpa B die.  He was in the middle of preaching at our home church, and just dropped in the middle of his message.  Although so young, I still have vivid memories of where he was on the pulpit, how his body was facing ... This was long before the emergency 911, so to a little girl it seemed to take the ambulance forever to get to our church.  I remember standing outside with my cousins and some family friends while our parents were inside with Great-Grandpa.  I looked up in the sky and just knew that he was with Jesus, and that he was Home.  I will always remember that day ... my first glimpse of heaven. 

2)  I have probably been an asthmatic since my early teen years … but was just diagnosed in 2003.  I was having trouble breathing at the beginning of the school year, but was too focused on that being our daughter’s senior year of high school.  But the difficulties progressed, leading to many tests at the doctor’s office.  When the results came back that only 35% of my lungs were functioning, he asked me if I had ever been tested for asthma.  Never had. This was actually a relief for me because it proved (to me) that I had not been lazy in junior high and high school phys ed classes (truth be known, my asthmatic lungs back then just couldn’t keep up).  And also, it has actually motivated me to working out (although not as much as I know I need).  My lungs feel healthier and my whole body knows when it needs pushed to its limits. 

3) I am overly critical on myself – doesn’t matter for what … I am my worst critic. Yeah, there’s not much to say about this one.

  4) I absolutely cannot stand to fly.  Yet, we have flown several times to Orlando (Disney family here), flown to Japan (14 hours in the air during one leg of the flight), and flown to Mexico (several hours in the air).  Of course, Granddad would LOVE for us to go to Hawaii someday.  I told him as long as we can drive … well, maybe I’ll sacrifice ... just for him!

5) Granny does not do surprises very well at all!  I have no idea "why", afterall ... May 16, 1984 -- SURPRISE, we eloped!   then early June 1985 -- SURPRISE, you're pregnant (after being told we had a "none" chance at all!)  We have even thrown SURPRISE celebrations -- when Granddad finished his Master's degree; when Granny turned 30; when our daughter turned 10.  So, I just wonder now, why I don't do surprises ... I'll keep working on finding out the reason.  Who knows, I may just be SURPRISED!  

So now you know a few little things about me.  For some unknown reason Lucy actually believes her Granny & Granddad are exciting people ... so let's just keep this 'our' little secret.  She will find out soon enough on her own ...

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