Sunday, July 4, 2010

234th Independence Day

This weekend has found me being even more thankful for this great country that I live in. In a few moments of spare time here and there, I've found myself drawn to watching various videos honoring our military and their families. I've read various facebook status updates supporting our military, being thankful for our country, wishing the USA a Happy Birthday. Here's a couple of status updates that have stuck with me today:

Thank you Lord for allowing me to be born in the USA.
(Why is it that God, in all of His power and glory, allowed me to be born in the United States of America? I've often studied this question in my mind. Although I do not know the answer, I am thankful for my great country and especially to God for allowing me to call this country my earthly home.)

~Regarding the Declaration of Independence:  I can't help but wonder though that it seems sad now to read this. Do we really believe ALL MEN are created equal and have these rights? Or just AMERICANS? People of other countries ought to just fend for themselves. Isn't that the attitude many Americans carry around these days? We are more valuable? We are the only ones that have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? So yeah. Lets turn a blind eye to dictators in other countries and groups like the Taliban who live to kill. Who cares if no one else has these rights. America has it. That's all that matters right? Just food for thought. We take freedom for granted most of the year while others only dream of it.

(There is a reason why the United States of America has stood the test of time for the past 234 years. God has blessed us as a nation, and we have stood up for those who cannot stand up for themselves against corruption and tyranny. May we as a nation continue in our endeavors to be the voice for those who have lost their voice.)

At the end of the day on this July 4th as Granddad and I listen to the fireworks from down the road, I am very thankful for God, my family and my country. We cannot say Thank You enough to those who serve and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice in protecting our country and being the voice to the innocent people who have no rights.

I'll close with one of the many videos I've watched and cried over this weekend. Praying for our troops and their families ... remembering their sacrifices.

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