Saturday, July 31, 2010

Summer Saturdays with Lucy ...

Here's a few pictures of Granny & Granddad's summer Saturdays with Lucy. There's absolutely nothing on earth that can compare to a grandchild. God is truly wonderful!

This laugh melts my heart!

Waiting on pancakes with Granddad.

Lucy loves a game of checkers after her Cracker Barrel breakfast.

Laughing with Nanny

The "cake-game" at Cracker Barrel is a favorite!

And the Christmas list begins ...


Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Yes I think she is quite possibly most definitely the cutest thing on earth :)

I'm glad you all have fun on your Saturdays! Not sure why we didn't start this sooner...Mommy likes the few hours of rest each Saturday morning!

Granny said...

Yeah, she's always "so funny" when we're out. And now the way she shies away from people, but shifts her eyes to see if anyone is watching her -- so cute!

She definitely enjoys being out and about with her Nanny & Granddad! Could it be the Toys/Babies R Us strolls after breakfast? Or could it be that we are just so gosh-darned "cool" to be around? Hmmmm ... We're just thankful that she will go with us anywhere since we do spend quite a bit of time together. Yeah ...