Friday, August 12, 2016

Three Things That Should Be Illegal ...

I got home late this afternoon after helping with all my kids for the past couple of days.  The drive home
took 3 1/2 hours -- normally an hour & a half drive...
bumper to bumper traffic heading southbound on the interstate.
Maybe the traffic was my distraction today... I sure was heartbroken to leave them.
Lucy & Tag both were so sad --- Tag hugged me and whispered
"you can't go... you take such good care of us" ---
and when Lucy hugged me, she whispered in a broken voice
"I miss you already... I wish you could stay"
Simply. Heart. Broken.

Jacqueline has bronchitis
Lucy has bronchitis and strep throat (Tag says "struck throat")
Tag has pneumonia (Tag says "men-own-ya")
Michael had a back procedure yesterday in the middle of all of this

And so, Granny has come to the conclusion that three things should definitely be illegal ---

*** Four year old boys should NEVER have pneumonia
(no need to elaborate on this one)

*** Mommas should NEVER be sick the same time their babies are sick
(Mommas need rest too when they're sick)

*** Dancers should NEVER be so sick that they're expected
to lay on the couch to recuperate
(their legs are made for dancing & stretching not for laying still)

I love these kids
heartbroken when I left them today
sure pray they all get better soon

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Theresa said...

I pray that they all feel better soon too. Sorry you had to leave them. Have a blessed week ahead, hugs.