Monday, August 8, 2016

Gifts in Water and in His Word ...

August 6 ... 3 gifts in water

We moved to our current house about 16 years ago. Our daughter was starting her freshman year of high school, and we did not know anyone else in our subdivision. Our little corner is almost 3 acres and is a little secluded. Dan & I decided that we wanted to be "the house" for youth activities & friends to come enjoy. Our above ground pool has gotten tremendous use of these past years ... and this year it has brought great enjoyment to Lucy & Tag when they visit.

Another "gift in water" ... is my Granny's dipper. I've always loved to drink water even as a little girl. My Granny had her water dipper hanging over her sink... that dipper was there to give a cold refreshment to whomever walked in her back door --- and it was her measure to water her flowers throughout her yard ... every morning and every evening.

Perhaps the greatest "gift in water" ... is simply the cleansing --- our physical body as well as our spiritual body.  My body always knows when I haven't drank enough water throughout the day. I always feel so refreshed with a glass of ice water.
I still remember my spiritual cleansing ... my baptism.  There was a creek behind my home church and we always had baptisms there. We would walk across the old graveled parking lot and down the little slope to the banks of the river. My Uncle Don would assist our pastor --- I was locked arms with the pastor's daughter ... her daddy held her and my uncle held me as we were spiritually cleansed through the suffering of our Savior.

August 7 ... 3 gifts in His Word

His Word is our direct link to learn more of Him ---
His ways --- His road to our salvation

His Word gives us examples of saints of the past --
and how to live in our world today

His Word gives us promise ---
 and that's perhaps the best gift of all


And here's 3 of my gifts from God who are in need of prayer ...

Jacqueline has bronchitis
Lucy has bronchitis and strep throat
Tag has pneumonia
It's certainly hard to see them so sick --- Tag has been sick for a couple of weeks now ... and Lucy & Jacqueline have been on & off sick for a while now.

Thank you for your prayers ...

Praying you have a blessed week,
my friend!

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Theresa said...

Praying for those sweet blessings of yours, praying they feel better! We have a pool and have always loved having it full of kids:) Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!