Thursday, October 15, 2015

Preserving Heritage Through Video

One of the main reasons I opened this blog was to give our grandchildren a glimpse into some of our values and family history through my writings.  I really want to start trying a bit of video-posts ...
but quite frankly, right now this ol' Granny simply does not have time.
So ... it seemed quite the perfect timing that a friend of ours found this video (and more)
and shared it with us last night.
But before the video ... here's a little background:
Dan was part of a bluegrass band with his parents & brother when we began dating September 1983.  The band was called the Outdoor Plumbing Company (yes, you saw that right).  He played mandolin and sang mainly harmony & some lead for several years in high school & college.  This video was taken at a bluegrass festival just a few weeks after we eloped (May '84) -- so he was still my newly-groom! 
And ... he had a beard which made my heart completely melt (no beard now, but he still melts my heart!)
Fast-forward over 31 years ... so this morning I asked Lucy if she wanted to see a video of her Grandad
 "that long ago" ... and her response was simply
"if it's going to be too weird on me ... then no thank you.  I'll watch it when I get a lot older."
So ... in order to preserve the video and to make sure Lucy, Tag and their future generations can see their Grandad soon after he married their Granny ...
here is the instrumental Ground Speed
performed by the Outdoor Plumbing Company in 1984.

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Theresa said...

That is AWESOME! I enjoyed the music and the history behind the video:) Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS!