Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hurricane - Nor'easter Prep

{the pictures in this post are from my hometown earlier this year -- the flooding Ohio River}

Here we go!!!
Although it's still "too early to predict" the path of Hurricane Joaquin, we seem to be in for some really heavy rainfall this weekend ... and then add in a little nor'easter and we have what has been called "the perfect storm". 
 (Thankfully now it seems that Joaquin is turning eastward in the Atlantic, so hopefully we won't get the 12" of rain that had been previously predicted).
 However ... we still prepare.  We've taken direct hits from Isabel, Gaston, Irene ...
so we know what it's like to ride out these hurricanes.  And on top of what's to come, we've had rain all this week and our ground is completely saturated already.
So I finally got Lucy back with her Momma & brother today.  All of our roads leading out of the city this morning were completely congested! So Lucy & I waited out the congestion -- we spent an hour at Sam's getting
 "hurricane supplies" (of which most of these were sent to their house today):
:::  water bottles (we have well water, so... no power = no water)
::: brownies with sprinkles (something chocolate is always a hurricane essential & sprinkles just make a hurricane party more fun)
::: chips (gluten-free & olive oil -- because everyone needs chips to go with brownies)
::: donut holes (at least they're the holes & not the whole donuts)
::: Disney Halloween story book (Jacqueline & Michael need new stories to read to Lucy & Tag during their all-nighters since Lucy picked out their Hurricane supplies!)
But ... we are preparing and we are praying that everyone stays safe during these stormy days ahead.
I'm using some real-life lessons to teach Lucy God's promise in Philippians 4:6 
Do not worry about anything but pray about everything.
Stay safe and dry, my friends!

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Doris said...

I'm spending the storm with you! You and Lucy thought of everything!!
I pray it goes out to sea....I don't like so much rain after we had so much rain. I'll hang on to those promises too.
God be with you, my friend!