Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Non-Posting Blogger

So we're settling into our household routine with our kids being a couple of hours away.  Lucy stays with us a couple of nights so that she can continue her activities at church and dance.  So Tuesday mornings she & I head back to meet her Momma & brother so that she can go home with her family. 
And on the drive back ...
Granny writes blog posts
I write at least a couple of them while focusing on the traffic around me --
I can come up with clever titles & formats
I can insert pictures & captions
I can write some tear-jerkers & some comedy
and when I sit down at my laptop ...
absolutely nothing
... every line is lost
... every picture has disappeared
 ... everything simply gone
So, this Granny is seeking some input ---
if there's any readers out there in my little cyber-corner
of the vast world wide web ...
How do YOU write your posts?
What prompts you to write what you do & when you do it?
What motivates you?
How do you put aside all the tasks that lie in front of you?
I know, I know ...
I am probably coming across (at least, kind of) whiny and moody and self-pitying.
But I'm really trying NOT to sound that way. I'm just wanting to learn from some of my "posting blogger" friends. 
Let's face it --
every single one of us has "life" going on right now in our lives (makes sense?). 
Some of us are transitioning ... some have already transitioned.
Some of us have full-time outside-of-our-home- jobs ... some of us have already retired.
Some of us are searching for our niche ... some of us know exactly where our niche is.
Maybe once  When life settles down  After ...
Well, this Granny should just hit the "publish" button and mark it down that I actually posted to my blog today!
Until the next time ...


Theresa said...

Oh girl, I post on my blog whatever is going on in my life! Today it is about what we had for dinner:) Granted, it isn't the most exciting or creative blog... but it is MY journal! Enjoy your day dear friend, happy to see you here! HUGS!

Sassy Granny ... said...

Arriving at content for post typically comes in much the same way: an embryonic thought is conceived, a number of hours/days or even weeks pass by while it percolates, then a collection of thought is born and makes its way to the pages of my blog. Sometimes I'm prolific; at other times weeks will pass. I never sweat it since I have no expectations for myself as a blogger. Let it simmer until it becomes liquid. Let it flow when it does, and not a minute sooner. Blessings!

Doris said...

I love your posts....every one of them! Wow, I'd love to read all the ones that weren't written too :)

The content of my posts is what's happening in my life. Not sure it's that interesting to anyone but me. I admire those who give life lessons, a devotional, or are just very well written! Sigh, I'm just not any of those.

I thank God for allowing us to meet through our special indeed!