Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Granny -- Neil Diamond -- E.T. ::::: What A Combination :::::

Once again it's been a little while since I've posted on my blog.  We've had so much going on in our household and still transitioning from one household to two --- along with visits in between, birthdays & parties (more to come later on this), and Granny working on my time management skills (not going so well with it either).  So, let me just jump full-force into this post without leaving you wondering "too much" if I have totally flipped out with these references.
Yesterday I took Lucy back to meet her Mommy & brother so that she could go back home with them.  We'd had a fun-filled weekend with her 6th birthday party and Tag's "half" birthday (either late 2nd or early 3rd -- whichever you prefer to call it).  So, as with most Tuesdays, I was scrambling around to get Lucy some breakfast & the "normal" morning routine ... as well as loading my car with stuff to send to everyone to
(try to) help out a little this week.  On my way back home (alone) I really needed to stop somewhere to get a couple of things for Dan & myself.  As I looked in the mirror, I decided that I should never be "caught" going out in public close to our home just in case I ran into somebody I knew .... makeup a mess, hair pulled back in ponytail, tshirt, old jeans, workout shoes ....
and "those lines" under my eyes just popped right out at me.
Oh well ... so I stopped at an "out of our area" Target.  It was simply one of those days, so I started looking at CDs --- and ran across
The Essential Neil Diamond .... can't go wrong with this one! So, back in my car I cranked the volume a tad louder than usual (but realizing the busy-ness of the road I was traveling as well).  The 2nd disc played pretty much until I reached home -- but it was song #17 that probably "spoke" the loudest to me -- Heartlight
I've always been a Neil Diamond fan ... but really & truly NOT an E.T. fan.  Matter of fact, I couldn't believe that he would even agree to sing such a song when the movie came out years ago.  However, I realized yesterday that listening to Neil Diamond as a teenager is so much a contrast than listening to Neil Diamond now ... as a 50 year old. 
***So, here's the main thing that this 50 year old "gets" from listening to
Neil Diamond's Heartlight ...***
As life "happens" between our childhood and adulthood sometimes we lose sight of our goals and our dreams that we had a children. We all have more responsibilities as adults and that's the "normal" progression through our years -- family, work, friends, community, church ... but that doesn't mean that we stop dreaming and setting goals for ourselves.  When the house is quieter than normal and not as busy, it's the dreams that Dan & I hold on to not only for our kids & grands ...
but possibly more important are the dreams & goals for ourselves.  
Life still gets hectic and busy and chaotic for us although we call ourselves "semi-empty-nesters" ... as we focus on our next many wonderful years that God gives us together.  I admit that this is a complicated concept for me ... I'm still learning how to manage my time here at home.  When Lucy's here with me it's more simple -- we do her online schooling, dance class, then back to her house a couple hours away. 
But when it's just me ... well, time management is definitely NOT my gift. 
So, I'm taking Heartlight to heart ... there's goals I have for me personally as well as goals for Dan & me regarding downsizing our house -- so, I have a lot in front of me for the next few months.  And mixed in with these are time to explore "me" -- my interests, things I do well,
things I need to do better (time management is definitely on this list).
And to just simply realize that
*** it's perfectly okay for a 50 year old to take time to dream those rides across the moon that
turns her heartlight on for herself and those around her ***
PS -- if you didn't take a few minutes to watch the You-tube video of Heartlight,
I highly recommend you spare about 4 minutes or so watching ...
maybe E.T. will turn on your heartlight as he did mine.

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