Friday, June 20, 2014

"Flashback" that Shaped Him Today

Normally I don't do pictures of the "flashback Friday" nor "transformation Tuesday" 
(although I have done a few "throwback Thursday" pics) ...

However, this picture has been on my mind lately.  It's the last one of Dan and his step-grandfather "Pappaw Bill". 
It was taken the end of July 1994 ... 
and God called Pappaw Bill to glory that fall.  

Pappaw Bill was the first grandfather I knew ... both of my grandfathers had passed away before I was born.  So when Dan & I were dating, Bill became my Pappaw Bill as well.  

Although he was "step"grandfather, there was nothing "step" about him -- his relationship to Dan was that of grandpa to grandson.  
And so Pappaw Bill was a special man to all of us.  

And this picture of Dan's bloodline grandfather playing with Dan even before I was born ... Dan was 2 years old ... 

I am so very thankful for Dan's grandfathers (although I only knew Pappaw Bill) ... each of these men showed my husband what it means to be a "grand".  Even this little boy of 2 years old knew that his grandfather thought so much of him that the older took his time to get on the floor and play. 

Dan is definitely a hands-on Grandad ... he knows how crucial it is for a child to know that their grandfather thinks enough of them to get down to their level.  

The impact of the "grand" relationship ...

it is time-consuming
it is deliberate
it is priceless

And sometimes -- many times -- these "flashbacks" bring us to where we are today...

and it is simply


Flashbacks truly can shape us into who we are today ...

because life is simply grand


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