Monday, May 12, 2014

Leading Up to 30

Normally I'm not a person who goes for the "milestones" -- such as ages ... turning 18 then 21 then 30 ... marking every decade. 
 {I did, however, hit one milestone almost 2 years ago when I turned 48 -- here's the link to A Silent Milestone )
Then anniversary "milestones" ... 5, 10, 20 years ... 
however, on our 25th Anniversary my husband and I were blessed to share our celebration with our daughter Jacqueline and granddaughter Lucy.  I wasn't blogging in May 2009, but here's a few pictures of our Silver Day ...


Much "life" has happened since 5 years ago ... and now we also have an energetic 2 year old grandson Thomas Alexander "Tag" ... and Lucy is quite the little lady at 5 1/2 years old!


 My next post will be more of pictures to show how Dan and I have celebrated our 30th anniversary {which will be May 16th}.  
Last fall he had this idea ... "I think you & I need to have a little time alone for our 30th"
So I said ... "Okay.  You know we could probably squeeze a day or so to ourselves at Disney"
To which he replied ... "That would be fun.  But that's not where I'm thinking"
So I said ... "We've wanted to go back to the mountains"
To which he replied ... "And we will.  But that's not where I'm thinking"

And then ... he told me.
To which I replied ...

"Are you sure???????"

So, if you haven't read my posts about "our story", here are the links ...
I know that everyone's story is unique and has it's own ups & downs ---
and ours is no different.
A story of admiring from a distance ... to dating years later ... to eloping after 8 months ... 

to almost ...

Well ... Dan & I are so very thankful for God's abundant grace and unending mercy ...
HE is how we made it to 30.


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