Thursday, May 9, 2013

On Being Disjointed ...

Our 23rd anniversary and 1st Honeymoon!

I've mentioned in a prior post that every past 28 tax seasons have brought about different challenges as well as extended work hours by my dear husband.  And this tax season (#29) was no different in that regards.  We had some challenges here at home as well as challenges that most accounting firms faced this year.  The challenges here at home were mainly due to Grandad's work hours & his trying to balance the home-work schedules.  He made a deliberate point to be home in the mid-evening hours (around 7pm) to spend with our grandchildren, but after they would go to bed he would work for another 3 hours or more from his work space at home.  The last week of tax season brought even more hours in which it was impossible for him to leave the office before putting in at least 18 hours per day. So, Lucy & Tag were going through "Grandad-withdrawal" ... just as Grandad was going through "LucyTag-withdrawals" -- all 3 were really a sad sight to see (and hear). 

There's always a period coming out of every tax season that I have felt a little disjointed. Honestly, my husband & I are getting re-used to being a couple again and going places together. Every April 15th has brought my motto "let the adjustments begin" to reality.  He & I joke about it because, quite frankly, it really doesn't take us too long to get used to his "normal" post-tax season working hours.  He & I have always enjoyed being together -- going places together, talking, relaxing together ... we truly enjoy each other's company.

When he & I were out one evening, I made a statement to him that I could almost sense he was feeling as well.  I told him that I have been feeling a bit "disjointed".  I'm not sure if it's been because of the challenging tax season (to which he was working upwards of 90+ hours the last few weeks) ... or because we both had missed a lot of church during this time ... I just don't know "why".  And he actually admitted that he felt the same way.  So, here's a few focal points we've come up with to get us through when these disjointed periods appear:
  • We both know that we are always here for each other.  Sounds pretty simple.  But sometimes life gets hectic (such as with tax season) and there's just not enough time in the day to get things done.  I tend to get frustrated when I don't see results quickly (no matter the task).  He looks more at the longer range... and he helps me to break tasks down to a day by day, week by week basis.  But no matter what ... we've got each other's backs.
  • We always rely that God will bring us through these various seasons (as individuals & as a couple) to become better equipped to share this journey with others who will possibly travel along similar paths as we do.  Grandad & I have grandchildren who are watching us as we go about our daily routines.  One day they will be able to look back on these days as a collective & see that their grandparents got through various seasons in life -- together.  And we are role models to other couples no matter what stage in life any of us are.  With God as our center, we can reach out to others who may experience a bit of what we have already been through in our married life & share with them how God brought us through that particular season. 
  • We realize that it truly is only a season. There have been many seasons in our married lives that we've walked through, and there will be many more seasons to come.  Some have been joyous seasons, others have been challenging seasons ... but each season has shaped us into the married "one" that we are today.  Just like the seasons of nature God gives us, there are so many varied seasons in our married lives that He guides us through.  Each season will bring about its own rewards when we follow through by walking moment by moment, day by day ... together ... in Him.
I will definitely admit that there's been some seasons in our married life that I wish we hadn't had to go through.  But, they've made us stronger and more reliant on each other and God Himself.  And that's the key when we're faced with various seasons whether in our married life, household life, work life, etc  --- we place God as center and our spouse next.  Disjointedness may occur periodically, but with God & our spouse as our focus ... we now have destination points to take each little baby step toward filling in the joints as life brings about its challenges.

There's always rewards waiting at the end of our seasons.  
Just as tax seasons come & go ... 
our disjointedness begins to fade ... 
the joints begin filling in with couple time and grandchildren time ... 
focusing on what God has in store for these next days, weeks & months ahead ... 
before our #30 tax season appears. 
(But, trust me ... we are not borrowing the challenges of #30 now -- 
those will come soon enough)

{If anyone else has experienced disjointedness at any time, please feel free to either email me or leave a message on this post.  
We're all in this crazy life together -- as a blogging community --
so maybe we can lend some helpful tid-bits on filling in the joints 
before the dis comes!}

I am one blessed lady!

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