Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Favorite Day ... When I Became His "Mrs."

Today just happens to be my most favorite day of the year -- for the past 29 years.  
On this day ... 

May 16, 1984 ... 

my boyfriend & I eloped ...

I became his "Mrs." 

My "Bridal Shower" turned out to be our "Household Shower" -- June '84

April 2013 ...

A few weeks ago, my husband & I were in a store looking at bedroom furniture for Lucy.  A saleslady came up to us & was making small talk -- asking if we were buying something for our daughter.  I just chuckled a little and said we were actually looking for something for our granddaughter ... and God bless the lady's heart for following along & pretending that she was so surprised we could have grandchildren (I owe her big, God!)  Then she began her questioning (to somewhat delve a little deeper to see if "our story" actually added up):

How long have you all been married?
Going on 29 years in just a few weeks ...

How long did you date?
For 8 months ... then we eloped ...

At that point of the "interrogation" I think half the store heard her gasp and lift her head
toward the ceiling exclaiming 
"I can't believe it!!! You two have a story to tell me!!!"  
Then, she looked at my husband and said 
"I've heard that some men 'just know' right away who is meant to be with him for the rest of his life.  
And you knew, didn't you?"

Now my husband's turn to reply ... (and might I add, with a big smile to his "bride") ... 
Oh yeah, I knew and I still know.

And I know too ... this man that I have shared my life with for the past 29 years is the man that God had chosen for me long before time began.  I believe that with everything I am.  However, I will admit that there have been some aspects of married life that I (kind of) wish I had known back then as 
a 19 year old bride to my 22 year old husband.  
I wish I had known

... that I would love my husband more 29 years later than I did when we said "I do"

... that as much as I thought I respected him back then, I really didn't have a clue what "respect" meant

... that when we put God as the Center of our marriage, there's nothing that can tear us down

... that the boy of my dreamy-eyes would become the most dependable family man I've ever known

... that some of our traditions we began "way back then" would carry with us for 
(at least) 29 years

... that even before my husband sought God, He was watching over him to shape him into the man of integrity & loyalty that he is today

... that our daughter would always be "Daddy's girl" even when she's married with children of her own

... that our grandchildren would adore their Grandad & even at a young age feel the love he has for them

  ... that the man I married would forever be my best friend, my "go to" man, 
my confidante

... that he would never ask for more of me than he would be willing to give of himself

... that he would be one of the most well-respected leaders of his God-chosen profession

... that he would lead our family through crises by choosing careful words & actions through much time spent in prayer

... that he would still refer to me as "Sweetheart" to the world for 29 years to come

 ... that it's okay not to agree on everything because although we are "one",
 we are still individuals

... that marriage is NOT 50-50 ... it takes 100% from each of us on a daily basis

... that "love" is much more than a feeling -- it's our way of life

... that after 29 years, I still get butterflies when he calls me his wife

... that our differences make life interesting as we encourage each other to pursue their own hobbies that eventually bring both of us pleasure as we learn from the other

... that nothing this side of Heaven is perfect, but we are much better doing imperfect together than we are at doing imperfect apart

I know, I know ... that's more that just a few little things.  So, I guess if I had to choose just 1 thing that I wish I'd known back then, it would be ... 

nothing at all

Our marriage has been our journey to where we are today ...

each day has brought about blessings ... while
some days have brought challenges ... yet
all days have brought us to our 29th anniversary

a day in which I would do over again ...

with no regrets
with no hesitation
with no foresight

Happy 29th Anniversary
to the Love of my Life ~~~

I so look forward to each moment God gives us to come
You are my everything, Honey ...

And I'm still giddy to be 
Your Sweetheart


Sheila said...

Precious!!!! Oh! You! Two!!! I didn't know you had eloped! I love it!!!

"Many happy returns of the day..." (We grannies speak in lines from Pooh-Bear...)

Doris said...

Beautiful post! Happy Anniversary!

Granny said...

Thanks Doris & Sheila! Oh how we were young & clueless back then ... will always remember the day we eloped... and now here we are at 29 years :) we may just have to plan something special for next year.