Friday, February 8, 2013

Sir Thomas Alexander's First Year

Hard to believe it's been one year since Tag made his grand entrance into our world.
Here's a look back through the first year of our little man ...
February 9, 2013 ...
~~~ Happy 1st Birthday, Thomas Alexander ~~~

Lucy meeting her little brother for the first time ... Lucy was 3 years old and Tag was 3 hours old.  I absolutely LOVE her expressions & giggles when she found out that her little brother was actually a little tiny baby!

Grandad had gotten maybe a couple hours of sleep before taking Mommy to the hospital baby place in the middle of the night. He held Mommy's hand as she gave birth *naturally* to his grandson & namesake ("Thomas" is my husband's middle name & also his grandfather's name).  My husband is so very proud of both his grandchildren!

GG & Grandpa were so surprised when I told them that Tag had made his grand entrance just 2 1/2 hours after Mommy getting to the baby place. The proud great-grandparents drove an hour & a half to see their 1st great-grandson ... and of course their 1st great-granddaughter.

Priceless ... Soldier Daddy had called all the way from Afghanistan to talk to Mommy & Lucy to hear all about his son.  And Tag just slept all the way through the phone call.

Granny normally doesn't like to have pictures taken, but my grandchildren make up for it in their cuteness ... I am so stinkin' blessed. Sometimes it amazes me that God has favored me with these 2 little blessings.

While dealing with her own anxieties of seeing Daddy at the "Soldier Get Better Place", aka Walter Reed Military Medical Center, Lucy was preparing Tag to meet their Daddy for the first time.  Tag was 11 days old when their Daddy was wounded and 17 days old when he first his Daddy. Look at how Lucy was comforting her little brother ... she is still such a blessing to him.

Here are some random pictures taken throughout the year of
Thomas Alexander and his family:





Tag spent the last couple of days of 2012 in the hospital -- not quite sure why his fever wouldn't regulate. It had spiked at one point to 105.  The only thing the doctors can guess is that he is allergic to dairy products.  As you can see from this picture with Grandad, Tag is not very happy that he has to stay an extra night away from his Lucy. 

Just a few short hours left in 2012 ... Tag says
"I'm comin' home to ya, Lulu!!!!!"

~~~ Happy 1st Birthday, Thomas Alexander "Tag" ~~~

Granny & Grandad love you very much and we know God has big plans for your future!

PS --- I apologize for the sporadic pics ... Blogger definitely was not Granny's friend today. 
But, I think everyone can still see how our little man has wrapped Granny & Grandad around
his little fingers just like little our princess! 
There is absolutely no better name I've been called than "Granny".

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