Monday, September 10, 2012

Why They Serve ... A Link to a Wounded Warrior Wife's Post

I quietly reflect the events of September 11, 2001 ... 

I remember where I was ... I remember first finding out ... I remember the disbelief

No one could explain ... no one could answer ... no one was exempt

Lives were lost ... lives were changed ... lives were uncertain

It was on that day -- September 11, 2001 -- that many young people made the decision to be a part of our country's military, police force, firefighters and other first responders.  Many families on that day and many families since then have sacrificed 
for our country ... for its citizens ... for you & for me.

Some making the ultimate sacrifice ... some made life-altering sacrifices ... all have sacrificed with their families drawing alongside of them.  
Spouses ... children ... mothers ... fathers ... family ... friends ... communities ... and the list goes on. 
No amount of "thank you" will ever be enough for this Granny to say to those who serve & sacrifice for our country.  So I can just stand with them ... do my part to support them ... and always be grateful for what they've given for my freedom & my protection.

Below is a link to my daughter's blog.  I link into hers every now & then ... 
she is a wounded warrior's wife & Mommy to my grandchildren.  
She, along with countless other military spouses, is my hero ... 
my grandchildren (especially my Princess Lucy) are my heroes for the sacrifices they make to our country.
This link will give you an idea of what September 11 means to a Wounded Warrior Wife.  

If you know a service member or other first responders, along with their children, although our "thank you" may really not seem like enough ... 
go ahead and thank them anyway.  
They need to know that what they sacrifice matters to you & to our country.

God bless our country & those who serve to protect each of us.

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