Sunday, July 22, 2012

Granny's Awareness ... and Prayer for More Heroes

Our household has been settling in to our new routine.  My days have consisted of being Granny to *both* Lucy & Tag, and the evenings find our grandchildren loving the time they spend with their Grandad.  Lucy was awarded a "you've been such a hero to all of us over the past 5 months, so here is YOUR 'Welcome Home' present" -- a trampoline :)  This little girl has so much fun every opportunity she gets to jump and use her energy.  I don't remember there ever being so much laughter, giggles & bouncing in our house. 

 And Tag is settling in to his new surroundings ... getting re-acquainted with his "full-time" sister and grandparents & home.  There's never a dull moment nor a quiet moment in our house.  And  most times it can be just pure chaos ... which Grandad and I simply love.  

It's been a great week for our family, and we do not want to take our family life for granted.  On Friday the 20th, 'Joe celebrated his "5 Month ALIVE Day" ... it's a common thing for our wounded heroes to mark each month they survived since their injuries.  It seems that when a tragedy strikes, we become more aware of the little things we normally have taken for granted in the past.  Here's a short list of Granny's awareness over the past 5 months:
  • None of us are promised our next breath.  God knows how long each of us will live on this earth ... and He is the only One who knows when we will draw our last breath.  Although we awaken in the morning hours, we have no guarantee that we will see the end of the day.  I endeavor to make my days count for Him & to be a blessing to those around me. 
  • Lucy & I traveled back & forth on a weekly basis to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  We dealt with traffic, construction, weather, congestion, accidents ... and never once were we involved in an accident nor were we pulled over for traffic violations nor did we have any vehicle problems.  God was watching over us as we traveled.
  • God protected our health.  Only 1 week out of the 5 months were Lucy & I sick, and we both were sick the same week ... so no traveling.  That was the only time either of us were sick.  I will admit that during that time I was not taking very good care of myself ... but God sustained our health -- each of us.  Grandad was in his busy season at work & wasn't taking care of his health either ... and was never sick (even when Lucy & I were).  God was taking care of our health for us. 
  • Everyone is home now.  I follow some amazing heroes & their stories through Facebook & blogs.  Each story is different ... each is inspiring ... each brings my awareness to a new level. I'm including some sites that you can find out more about some awesome military heroes at the bottom of this post.  My family is all home together now ... it's our prayer that these families will be home together soon as well.
My New Year's Eve post can only be described as a "God-thing" in light of the events that have taken place in our family since then.  Click here  to see how God was preparing me for what was in my very near future.  
Only HE could have known ... 
only HE could prepare ... 
only He could make me *aware* ...

With every moment Grandad & I share with the 'Joe family ... 
we are aware of what "could have been" ... 
and we are very thankful for "what is".  
This past week has been so amazing having our kids &grandkids home together.  
Each moment creates a new memory that we will hold with us for a lifetime.

Dear Lord, help us to hold on to these fleeting moments & 
not take them for granted.

Now for a very short list of websites if you'd like to be more aware of a few of our military heroes.  Some do not blog, but they have Facebook pages to follow instead.  I can give these out in private emails if you are interested.  

Thank you, my blogging friends,  for your continued prayers for the 'Joe family and our military heroes ... 
you make a difference in each of their lives.

(Click on the bolded names to go directly to their websites)

Staff Sgt Travis Mills is only the 4th quadruple-amputee to survive his severe war injuries.  He is hero to his wife & baby daughter, as well as his dedicated family & friends. 

Navy EOD Tech Taylor Morris is now the 5th quadruple-amputee to survive his severe war injuries.  He is hero to his girlfriend who has never left his side, as well as his dedicated family & friends. 

Staff Sgt Christopher Walker is a triple amputee who is learning quickly how to use his new prosthetics.  He is hero to his young daughter and girlfriend, & his dedicated Mom who has been with him daily, as well as his dedicated family & friends.  

Army soldier Josh Wetzel is a double-amputee who has been on a long road of recovery suffering neck injuries as well as hand injuries.  He is hero to his wife, parents, family & friends.

Please remember to pray for our military who sacrifice daily for our country. 



Anonymous said...

beautiful story! You inspire me. Hugs to you and to Lucy too!
Deb Mullins

Granny said...

You're so sweet, Deb! Lucy sends her hugs & kisses to you ... and Tag sends lots of smiles & giggles :)