Saturday, July 28, 2012

30 Years In The Making ...

... and I'm still a work in progress.

This weekend is my 30th high school reunion.  Sometimes it seems like just yesterday I was anxiously awaiting my name to be called to walk the aisle in the hot & humid gymnasium to receive my high school diploma from our principal who was retiring with our out-going class.  

But in some ways it seems like several lifetimes ago.

My family & I live several hours away from my hometown, so attending the reunions over the past 30 years has been pretty much impossible to schedule.  Grandad & I attended two of his class reunions (he graduated 2 years before I did), and we've been to one of mine.  I would loved to have gone to this one, but our schedules just couldn't be worked out. 

I haven't seen some of my high school friends since graduation night over 30 years ago.  And some I had kept in touch with (before computers, Internet, Facebook, etc.) for awhile.  But, I do embrace the technology that has allowed for re-acquainting with some high school friendships.  I've enjoyed reconnecting & actually getting to know some of these friends as adults. 

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures from this weekend's 30th on Facebook pages.  Part of me wishes I could have been there as well ... but Granny's had lots of baking, laughter, squeals, hugs & kisses from her precious grandchildren this weekend.  

So, to all my high school classmates of 30 years ago ...  

I hope everyone has a wonderful time this weekend!  "Thank you" to
everyone who worked to put this reunion together.  I hope to come back
for another reunion soon.  I would love to get back in touch with so many
from our graduating class ... and hopefully we can stay in touch through
this "new technology" we have at our fingertips today. 
Each of you & your families are in my prayers as we all continue in the path that God leads us.
God bless the Class of 1982!

Here's a little collage I made today from my digital scrapbooking software -- 
"Granny" throughout the past 30 years.  
God had His plan for me when I was 17 years old ... 
and He still has His plan for me.  
Just as He has for my high school classmates of 30 years ago. 


Doris said...

I love class reunions. We live in the same area I did in HS, so attending is easy. Next year will be 40 yrs. for goodness, do the years fly by =)

Granny said...

Time does fly by Doris! I haven't seen some high school friends in 30 yrs -- in my mind I'm the only one who got older :)