Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The American Flag & Yellow Ribbon Project

Our driveway ...
One of our neighbors came over yesterday evening as her daughter was selling candy bars for a school fundraiser.  As we were talking, I told her about the events of the past month and a half -- 
Tag's appearance on Feb 9th, 
'Joe's injuries on Feb 20th & now rehabilitation at the "soldier get better place", 
Grandad's busy season ...

I'm embarrassed to say that our neighbor (and probably most of our neighbors) really didn't know what was going on. Her family was concerned once they saw this American flag going up in our driveway (which was after 'Joe had returned stateside).  A friend of ours from church asked if he could put this over our driveway & 
of course we fly it proudly.

Feb 26th - Lucy all-decked out to see her Daddy for the 1st time since his injuries.
You know, when life gets so hectic ... sometimes it's all a person can do to just go about a semi-routine and keep going forward.  I'm not saying that it's expected that others check in on us or anything like that.  But sometimes those who experience a trying time in their lives have a lot on their plate to handle.  There's certain things I know that I "should" do, but right now I have a different set of priorities.  My focus is set on my little princess, her Grandad getting through his busy season, her parents & baby brother coming home ... so right now I just really don't have the time nor energy to add much anything else.

However, I do need to send our neighbors an update so that they will know what is going on with us.  When 'Joe's Purple Heart medal & certificate came in the mail, our former mailman was very concerned seeing that package.  I had to call the post office for redelivery of the package & was able to explain to him what was going on with 'Joe.  He said that when he saw "Purple Heart medal" written on the custom form, that his own heart just sunk.  And I know we have other neighbors & friends who are wondering "what is going on" ... 
and we do need to inform everyone ... it's just a matter of doing it.

Feb 26th - Tag was ready to meet his Daddy for the first time ever!

Now for a brief update on the 'Joes ...

'Joe's recovery is going good ... hopefully he will get stitches removed from his leg very soon. He's getting around better without the use of a cane, and is smiling more & talking more as his jaw continues to heal very good too. We all hope that he will be released very soon to come home to finish his rehab.  Mrs. 'Joe & Tag are with the soldier to help in his rehab process ... and Princess Lucy is staying at home with Grandad & Granny.  We make trips weekly to visit & have special "sleepovers" ... but it's not the same.  For Lucy, for Mommy or Daddy ... and even for Tag.  Although Granny & Lucy stay very busy, she is ready for her family to come home & just be together.

And for now ... for this post ... for my readers ... please take a look at our driveway-in-progess as we are adding yellow ribbon gradually & proudly flying the American flag.  Since Lucy began saying words, her Daddy has taught her that it's not just a flag ... so she does not refer to it as "the flag" ... she refers to it as "the American flag" ... ahhhhh, this little girl is a girl who is as proud of her country & her Daddy serving her country as anyone else in our family.

The little girl & her yellow ribbon project ... 'til her Daddy comes home.
Our mailbox American flag

No words necessary.

May God continue to bless all of us ...

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