Sunday, January 15, 2012

Turning the Tables (On My Husband)

 In less than 2 months my loving husband will turn over another decade ... he will turn 50.  Now, don't get me wrong ... he does not mind at all marking 50 years on this earth.  Matter of fact, he's actually looking forward to it!  He's looking forward to the day when he can go to a restaurant and say "senior discount, please".  I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen anyone as excited to turn over a decade as he is.  
And, I am so looking forward to entering this new decade by his side ... 
just as I have been by his side for his birthdays since he turned 22 (just a few years ago).

So, now I'm on a mission.  If you read my last post 
you'll see that my husband bought me a NookColor for Christmas.  Well, he researched, bought, hid ... did everything without my even having a little hint as to what he was up to.  So ....... now I think it's MY turn ... 
to plan, to conspire, to turn the tables.

I need to consult my partner in crime (Mrs. 'Joe) to see what kind of ideas she has for her Daddy's 50th.  We know his "party" will consist of his family taking him out for dinner to celebrate him (depending on when this little grandson decides to join the rest of us in our household).  
But, somehow ... 
some way ... 
we will celebrate "Grandad" in a "grand fashion".

So, now it's your turn ... have you ever given a gift to someone for a milestone that they turned over?  If so, what was it?  How did you think of it?  I'm looking for something different to do for my husband this year.  Not the "typical" ... but not anything that he will have to sign a second mortgage to either.  
Something that shows him just how special he is to his family.  
He does so much for us ... 
now we want to turn the tables on him.

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Patricia said...

Grandbabies what a blessing! Following via FNFW blog hop. Already following your GFC.

Patricia aka Mamaw