Thursday, November 3, 2011

Computer Glitch ... HTML Fixer to my Rescue

Well, after several weeks of HTML malfunctions (of which I couldn't see on my computers) I think my pictures are finally fixed!

A special shout-out THANK YOU to my beautiful and wonderful daughter 
for taking her time & knowledge in getting this fixed for me today (and Granny had some fun Lucy-time as Mommy wrestled with this).  She actually had to have 2 laptops running at the same time to get it straightened out.  My laptop showed everything normal size, but hers was basically the same as what everybody could see -- humongous!

So, thank you all for your patience in tolerating the huge photos ... I hope to never have this problem again ... 
but, we shall see. 

Please let me know if my pictures show up so huge again & I'll call on my HTML fixer to come to my rescue ... 
again :)

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