Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Three Things ... Today

I had read an article back in April from the WebMD medical site titled "Accentuating the Positive".  The article challenged the reader to look for three positive things that happened during the day.  And, here are my three positive things from today ... 

~~ Finding Lucy's favorite cinnamon muffin mix.  It really doesn't sound very much like a positive, but if you're a grandparent you know that we will travel across town and back to find that favorite "thing" for our grandkids.  Well, this "thing" just so happens to be cinnamon muffin mix.  And every store that I have visited over the past few days has been either out of this particular mix or just doesn't carry it anymore.  So, this was definitely a positive for Granny today!

~~ Evening walk with Granddad.  Although he got home after Lucy went to bed, Granddad & I took a walk after our dinner. God provided a very pleasant evening -- nice temperature with little humidity.  As we made our circle to come back home, we saw our next door neighbors & chatted.  Then we met a couple from a neighboring street and chatted for 30 minutes.  It's nice to make new friends and catch up with older ones.

~~ Hearing Lucy sing.  This afternoon Lucy was on the couch with her Mommy singing the ABC Song.  She doesn't just sing with her voice, but rather with her whole heart & soul.  I love it!  This little angelic voice melts my heart.

Yes, it's a good thing at the end the day to reflect on the positive ...

God is good.

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