Sunday, December 26, 2010

Through the Eyes of a 2 Year Old

Granddad and I are sitting in the family room and unwinding after our Christmas weekend.  The weather predictions had changed in our area almost on a daily basis over the past week.  Up until Christmas Eve morning, we really had no idea whether we would be making our Christmas visit to Grandma & Grandpa's on the Eve or Christmas Day.  
We decided that we would take a last minute chance on the weather and go to G-G's on Christmas Day.  So, the 'Joes were able to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve.
(I'll post later on how to plan a Christmas Eve wedding within 2 weeks, do Christmas shopping/preparations, work full-time & brace for a new son-in-law's deployment within days of the wedding ... God is good!)  
So, Granddad & I took Lucy for a Christmas Eve breakfast to her favorite fast food place and last minute preparations for Christmas Day.

We passed by malls and shopping centers whose parking lots looked like seas of used cars, so we thought it not the best decision to take a 2 year old into such unorderly chaos.  No regrets whatsoever.  So, after breakfast, homeward bound for the last minute gift wrapping.  But Lucy was insistent that we were not "all done" ...

"We need Baby Jesus a birthday cake ... 
We have to get Baby Jesus a birthday cake, Granny."

O, out of the mouths of babes!  Out of the mouth of our 2 year old granddaughter!  Thank you, Lucy, for jolting us back to the True Meaning of why we celebrate Christmas.

Once we got back home, the insistence persisted.  Granny's stocked pantry without birthday cake ingredients or even a box of ready to make mix or frosting ... but, Lucy had a solution to our dilemma -- her Granddad.  Thank heaven for Granddad who was more than willing to go to the store at 2pm on Christmas Eve ... one item ... parking lot full ... Baby Jesus' birthday cake ... frantic shoppers in search of their their last minute cooking preparations ... Baby Jesus' birthday cake ... Baby Jesus' birthday cake ...

Lucy putting finishing touches on Baby Jesus' birthday cake
Christmas Eve night found this 2 year old 'too excited to sleep'!  So, Lucy chose the perfect cookies to leave for Santa and then ... 

Well, I'll let the pictures tell their own story ~~~

Choosing the perfect cookies for Santa, and then ...

You guessed it!

Santa's little cookie taster!

Now, where's the perfect spot for Santa to find his perfect cookies?

Christmas morning is exciting with a 2 year old ... 

Princess instruments!

Mommy made a yummy Christmas breakfast!

Oh, Cindy ... I love you!

Watch me go, Granddad!!!

We made our Christmas Day visit to the Great-One's for more family fun ... 
Of course Cindy wanted to go to G-G's with Lucy.

These presents just looked too inviting for Lucy to wait on everybody.

Just what I asked G-G for!!!

G-G and Grandpa know exactly what Lucy likes!
Unwinding with Granddad at the end of a very Merry Christmas Day.

There's something about the tenderness of little ones  

their honesty, their innocence, their heart ... 

My prayer is that I will continue to learn from my granddaughter each and every day.  
May my heart be tender, my actions be gentle, and my thoughts be gracious.  

Thank You Jesus for my granddaughter and her tender heart for You ...   


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