Monday, April 17, 2017

15 Seconds at Easter

Jacqueline & our grands came down on Saturday for Easter ... we did the Easter bunny pictures at Bass Pro Shop and then to our house for the Easter egg hunt.  And yes ... Lucy dove in to her Momma's hair for the "traditional" egg-in-the-hair-do (my Mother & aunts did the same thing when I was growing up and then with our daughter -- so the tradition continues!)

Then Sunday morning came ... Easter morning ... Resurrection Day was here! Jacqueline was fixing Lucy's hair upstairs for church while Dan & Tag worked on a Lego set at the kitchen counter.
And then... "Lucy breathe! Lucy breathe!!!"
All in a matter of 15 seconds, Lucy had passed out and stopped breathing. Dan ran upstairs while Tag wanted me to hold him. By the time Dan made it up to the girls, Lucy was sitting up. She had heard her Momma terrified & begging her to breathe. The on-call emergency doctor told Jacqueline that it sounded like Lucy had a spike in blood sugar earlier in the morning (afterall, we do have Easter candy & this has never happened before now)
and then a sudden plummet. So today will be calls her to regular pediatrician for more testing.

That 15 seconds (possibly even less than that) seemed like an eternity...
but God was already there -- in those moments.
He was Lucy's breath when she couldn't breathe
He was Jacqueline's strength when she had to act fast
He was our sustainer when we all felt helpless
Lucy was very sad that we did not get to church to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus ...
but I truly believe that we saw a miracle from God Almighty in those
15 seconds


Karen said...

I had a friend whose daughter reacted to the dye in candy. I know the doctors will check it out. So thankful she got okay. Praying for her.

Doris said...

Oh, Susan.....I'm not sure I was breathing while reading this! Our Grand, Zoe, fainted at school a year ago. She has gone through lots of testing and has been diagnosed with POTS, same thing her mama has. I hope this was just a fluke thing for Lucy. So very sorry you missed going to church.
The egg in the hair is too funny!
Adding dear Lucy to my prayers....and her mama, and grandparents, and daddy, and brother! Sending hugs!