Sunday, September 25, 2016

33 Years Later... A Grand Birthday Weekend

And so in the middle of a busy birthday weekend ... there's Granny's pneumonia.
I had thought (wished) that when the doctor told me "early stages of pneumonia" that she actually meant -- well, there might be a "tinge of something but you'll be good as new by Friday" (Lucy's birthday).

However ... that was not the case. But as I sit here in a quiet house, this weekend was so much more than me missing out on some of Lucy's birthday activities.

Yesterday (Saturday) marked the 33rd year of my first date with Dan.  I'll be honest -- I had been head over heels for him since I first saw him at my high school.  He was the new guy at school in his junior year and I was a freshman (with 3 cousins who would graduate with him).  So when he asked me out on a date 3 1/2 years later ... yes, I was over the moon.

... and then we fast-forward 33 years ... 


~~~ we celebrate our granddaughter's 8th birthday ~~~

Heaping upon heaping of God's grace in between
September 24, 1983 to September 24, 2016...

lots of life
lots of grace
lots of God

{{Lucy's birthday September 23, 2016 ... since I was recovering from pneumonia & her Momma had a doctor appointment that morning, Lucy & Tag spent the morning at the mall with their Grandad (who rearranged his work schedule to be available to hang out with our grands while I recuperate) ...
then on with Momma for special birthday treats & Lucy new tap shoes ...
then 2 dance classes Friday evening ...
then on Saturday, her Daddy brought Maci down for more birthday celebrations --
Maci is Michael's new service dog & is already part of our family}}

... and Life is Good ...

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