Saturday, April 16, 2016

#32 Is History

Tax season #32 is history!
Hard to believe Dan & I have been through 32 tax seasons...
most have seen challenges and uniqueness...
and this one was no different.
{by the grace of God}
tax season #32 is over

He's worked over 100 hours a week for the past several weeks...
his "chargeable" hours (that he actually bills clients) that is.  Most days he doesn't even include his non-chargeable hours (admin time)...
lunch breaks have been eating at his desk while working
(drinkable soups have been his go-to lunches)
while dinner breaks (whether at home or the office) have been a sandwich in one hand
while working more...
and he would go to his home-office as soon as he got home to work more until 
the early morning hours.
Dan loves his career, but is always thankful for the end of tax season.  The government may have extended the deadline, but not his firm.  They want to have everything signed, sealed & delivered before noon on April 15.  And their clients respect them for this and many other reasons.

And so...
** at this moment in time, he is mowing our knee-deep yard for the first time this season
** he & I are examining our homestead to see what projects we need to get accomplished
to sell and downsize/resize -- whatever it's called
** we enjoy each other
Have a blessed weekend, dear friends!


Doris said...

I am so happy for you to have this busy season behind you! Bless you as you plan for the future downsizing. If it takes you as long as it did for us, you will be seeing season 33, 34 and 35 before it happens :)
Enjoy your free weekend!

Karen said...

Hope you will enjoy some much needed rest now.