Monday, December 14, 2015

December 12th ... The Power of One

Anniversary ... retirement ... championship
all three rolled into the same day --- this past Saturday.
Saturday marked 2 years since my Daddy's massive heart attack. I still remember that day... I was at lunch with a friend of mine & had my cell phone silenced and in my purse. When we were leaving the restaurant, I was going to text Jacqueline that I was on my way home... and instead saw missed calls & texts from several family members including my Mother.  I immediately called Dan... he wanted to tell me once I got home, but I insisted he tell me what was going on. 
Close to 99% blockage... 
so very thankful to God for the gift of life.
Lucy & Daddy on Christmas Day 2 weeks after his heart attack.
Saturday also marked the last official date of our son-in-law's active military career.  It's bitter-sweet, but it's going on 4 years since he was WIA.  He had planned on being career-Army, but God has His best plans for their good. This day wasn't planned for the age of 29... but we are so very thankful to God for giving Michael his gift of life on the day that the enemy meant it to end {which was also his 26th birthday}
They make an awesome team!
And then also on Saturday, our nephew's high school football team won our State AA Championship with a 14-0 record going into the game. Their small community had been hit so hard over the past several years with tragedy after tragedy. So much loss of lives... so much devastation... yet this team's motto was
They marched onto the field right before the game and took one last kneel in prayer.  These boys kept their testimony throughout the year and we are so very proud of them.  Although we live a few counties over, we all are so very thankful for the gift of life in these boys & in their faith of the
Power of One.
Wednesday is Michael's retirement ceremony...
it's going to be an emotional day...
 yet a day that we all are so thankful to God for His gift of life...
Sometimes we simply take the gift of life for granted.  But this past Saturday was a reminder in 3 different ways just how the Power of One is truly our life-line.
As we delve into these several days before Christmas, may we live & breathe the simple goodness of the gift of life
from the Power of One...
The greatest Gift of all


Theresa said...

Wonderful message in this post! The Power of ONE! Have a blessed day dear friend, HUGS!

Doris said...

Again, a beautiful post!! We just have so much to embrace....and wonder at God's amazing hand in it all.
Our hometown won a State championship some years a terrible snowstorm. It was an amazing game and is still shown on reruns. Many say it's the best game they ever saw. Sadly, MC has not been able to make it to a win since.
God bless you, my friend!