Thursday, November 19, 2015

His Perfect Goodness

It seems like AGES since I've been on blogger! I cannot believe we're heading to Thanksgiving next week ... and yet, how is it that every single retailer has had their Christmas displays up since before Halloween?
Dan & I have been keeping extremely busy with "all" of our kids (we include our grands when we refer to "our kids).  I've normally had a day in between visits either to their house or our house ... cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry, etc. ... so not much time to sit down and catch up in my blogging community.
So many changes coming in the very near future ... and so many reasons to simply breathe in God's goodness. 
in all the busy-ness
in all the rush
in all the chaos
God's goodness is perfect for each of our lives
His goodness to me may be different than His goodness to you ...
but His goodness is still perfect
I do hope to catch up with my blogger-friends over the next several days ...
but just know that I do think of you and I say a little prayer for you & your family daily.
Have a blessed day, my friends!

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