Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My "Thinking Tuesday"

Okay ... so that's my little catch-phrase for the day. 
It may stick or it may not. 
But, here's how it came about ...
Tuesdays are the days that Lucy goes back to her house. I normally like to take the farthest leg of the trip when we meet, so the 120 mile one-way trip back home (alone) can bring about some good thinking time and praying time. I normally don't have any music or anything in the background without Lucy in the backseat. It helps me focus on the traffic around me and again -- some quiet time with my thoughts.
The quietness of our driveway last summer
So, in honor of my very first "Thinking Tuesday" post here's a few things that went through
my head today ...
{{could be boring or scary ... probably boring}}
** I'm always praying for safety and protection on this busy Interstate! I know -- not very "noteworthy" ... but there's always lots of traffic and only 2 routes that will go the direction we need to travel -- and both are always busy. {So maybe, if you think about it, please say a little prayer for everyone who travels and for their protection.}
** I'm slowly reading my way through Lysa TerKeurst's Made To Crave: Satisfying Your Deepest Desire With God, Not Food  ... Truth is, I've been really down on myself for not achieving my goal weight.  A simple sentence from her book that I thought about so much coming home ---
Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial.
By allowing "circumstances" to take over from my desire to eat healthier I have gained some "numbers" back from last year. But if I renew a focus on God instead of food & numbers, then I truly will be healthier in my walk with Him. At this point, I'm not a person who feels like I have to completely stay away from certain foods ... I just truly desire to set my eyes on God & His design for me rather than simply food.
Late January heading back-home
A few more thoughts ...
** I love Pollyanna -- she's perhaps one of the most misunderstood people (ummmm, "characters") who may actually need another look ... {more on her in another post}
** I thought big trucks were prohibited in the far left lane
** There's much of life's nuggets that can be found in watching movies/tv shows kids -- we can make these teaching moments for our little ones as well as ourselves ... {note to Granny -- need to finish watching Isabelle on DVR}  
** The couple of things that I really want to accomplish this week is clean the kitchen, mop the floors, finish organizing the wash room, get that big tote out of the middle of our bedroom floor (and doing something with its contents), catch up on reading posts from my sweet blogging friends, workout everyday, crocheting, maybe try a little sketching (never been an artist, but who knows?),
write a couple more blog posts (I'm half-way there!) ...
okay -- maybe a little more than just "one" thing!  
Hoping you have a blessed week, dear friends!
Mine and Tag's first dinosaur drawing from a couple weeks ago ... yeah -- he laughed too!!!!


Doris said...

Loved this! Hope you of more.
I will pray for you and all who travel on busy roads. Where we used to live it was all back country roads to where I needed to be. Now we live near a bigger highway and I use it daily. Oh the risks I see all in the name of getting somewhere fast. Makes me shutter!
I just don't have it in me to care about weight. Needing to eat gluten free has kept me away from eating all kinds of bad things...but I do crave potato chips. Sigh
I steam mopped the kitchen floors on Saturday. They need to be done again. That's how it goes around here !
Blessings to you, my friend. Your words always bless me!

Theresa said...

We travel the roads a lot and my prayers always include keeping everyone safe on the roads! Cute drawing! Enjoy your day dear friend:) HUGS!