Friday, July 25, 2014

The Big Move Weekend

This past weekend was very busy and exciting!  Packing Lucy & Tag's family to move to their very first house!!!! It's on post and close to the hospital where 'Joe has several doctors appointments daily.  It's such a relief knowing that they all are together as a family while 'Joe goes through his rehab & recovery ...
{and yeah -- it's bittersweet for Grandad and me, but we know that all of them 
need to be together during this next phase.}  
Sometime either during or after treatments & therapies, he will begin the process that leads to medical retirement ... and then on to what God has store for them as a family.
So here's a little glimpse of what we did last weekend -- when Saturday morning found us at her most favorite restaurant at 
Lucy's request ...

  After Cracker Barrel, we had a secret mission ... we had cooked up a plan with 'Joe's aunt & cousins who own a bakery (by the way, it's THE BEST in the state).  The little ones had a special treat at the bakery, then we took some yummy surprises home to Mommy & Daddy!

 ... and then ... more packing!  
You just never know what (or WHO) you'd find in a box ---

 Fun times with these 2 little ones!

And then ... Sunday we were loading down our trucks for the move on Monday.  It'll still take us a couple of weekends to move everything they need, but God is good.  It's been a long time coming, but they are settling into their new home.



Thank you, my dear friends, for your continued thoughts & prayers for this young family ... and all of our wounded warrior families.  They all sacrifice so much for our country, and sometimes it's uphill red-tape battles that take years to push through until they actually get their necessary medical treatments.  
And spouses & children sacrifice alongside of their hero ... it's truly a family sacrifice.

May God bless each & every one with a 
wonderful weekend!


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Theresa said...

I pray that they will love their new home and that the next phase of their lives will be great for everyone! Sending HUGS and PRAYERS your way and theirs:)