Monday, March 31, 2014

Granny's Distractions of March

I have not been the best of bloggers for quite sometime now.  With 3 generations living under one roof -- well, this oldest woman in our house gets pretty distracted by the littlest generation.

My TWO tea parties in just a week's time!

I think part of my distractions also has been this crazy weather we've had ... 
from cold rains to snow to ice to sun ... 
then start all over again with cold then warm ... 
and that could be all within a couple of days!

Sunday, March 2nd ...
our after-church picnic in our front yard

Monday, March 3 ...
our front yard

 What a difference within 24 hours

So, one of the main reasons I began blogging was to pass down some of my family values
(and relationship values) to my future generations.  I can't help but think that Dan & I are making some lasting prints on our 2 grandchildren daily.  Lucy will tell you that her least favorite season of the year is "tax" season ... and Tag is beginning to feel that way too at his young age of 2.  Both of them miss seeing their Grandad so very much.  As much as he tries to come home "early" a couple of evenings a week, he still brings work home to do after the little ones settle down for bedtime.
And yet ... it's just for a season.

As grandparents, none of us really know how we are impacting the lives of our grandbabies ...
but we are.  Either for the positive or the negative --- what we do and how we react to them and how we interact with them --- it all matters.  I know from experience that grandparents can actually be just as influential and as much of role models as parents.  So it's imperative that we uphold our relationship to these little ones just as much (or if not MORE) than we did to our own children.

Now that we are entering the month of April, this Granny needs to keep focused ...

my relationships are always my priority --
 to God, my husband, my family, my friends, my church, etc...
my nutrition & fitness goals are continually worked on --
I won't reach my time-scheduled goal, but I continue to progress
my creativity is waiting and longing to be tapped --
I endeavor to complete my post "drafts" (several already) into "published" posts

I was telling a good friend this evening that sometimes "life just happens" ... and it happens to all of us at one point or another.  And now this Granny is looking forward to springtime and sunshine ... and actually accomplishing  and not just "drafting".

However ... these people in this picture ... they are my world.  
God has given me a short time to influence them while they are at a tender young age.  
And I intend to enjoy every moment.

Just as our environmental seasons change ...
so do our seasons in life.
Whether it's distractions or simply just a creative block ...
each season will bring about it's own blessings & wonderment.
And what we do with them is totally up to each person.




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Theresa said...

I totally understand:) My Grandchildren distract me and that's a good thing! We are lucky to have them! Have a blessed evening dear friend, HUGS!