Monday, December 23, 2013

Come to Adore & Sing to Him

This morning finds me reflecting and anticipating ... 
this past year has brought countless tears to our eyes -- 
tears of mourning and grief as well as tears of joy and relief...
tears of laughter and hysterics as well as tears of regret and disbelief.

But throughout all the emotional gambit of this past year, we are ready to celebrate 
the birth of our King -- 
the Baby of Hope -- 
the Baby of Promise -- 
the Baby of Eternal Life ... 
we are ready to celebrate  

This Christmas finds me reflecting on God's grace and His mercies ... 
God's love and His peace ... 
God's desires and His commands.  
Since my Daddy's heart attack on December 12th, this one song has been with me and has reminded me with Whom I can lay my worries, my fears and my emotions. 
This song reminds me of Whom my dear Uncle Larry is spending his first Christmas worshiping in sight with our other dear family who have already gone Home. 
It's the song that I will carry with me after Christmas and throughout the days to come.

Wherever you may be in your life's journey, dear reader, stop for just a brief moment in time and come to the place in your heart to adore Him and sing a song of praise to Him. 
For He is worthy of all our praise.

Merry Christmas from Granny & Grandad 
and our family ... 
May your New Year be filled with Hope, Promise and Life 
through our King of Kings ...

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