Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Heart of a Little Child

To say the past couple of years have been anything but "normal" for Lucy would be an understatement. 

The week before Easter 2011, she was going to be a big sister ... 
then the miscarriage on Easter Sunday  (LINK here)
A couple of months later, she was going to be a big sister (again) ... (LINK here)
and her Mommy had to be very careful during this pregnancy which resulted in little brother Tag (Feb 2012)
In the Fall of 2011 her Daddy deployed to Afghanistan for a mission that would last around a year ...
but he was wounded in action 11 days after Tag was born. (LINK here)
For the following 5 months, Lucy divided her time between living on the Walter Reed campus with her parents & baby brother and part of the weeks here at home with her Grandad & Granny.
(post: Sometimes I Forget LINK here)

For a little girl who will be turning 5 years old this September, she's already seen a lot in her lifetime. Her experiences have taught her more than alot of adults know or have seen.  She is keenly aware of others' feelings and is sympathetic when someone is physically hurt, sad or has hurt feelings. When one of her classmates would be sad at preschool, her little heart would hurt & we would pray for that classmate here at home. 

Lucy knows a bit of the medical aspect of life as well. She knows what prosthetic limbs are & what they are made of ... she can even pronounce "prosthesis" better than her Granny.  She has a soft spot in her heart for our country's Little Warriors & wants to make sure they are taken care of along with their heroes.

This past September marked even more changes & growth for Lucy ...
she became a preschooler and a ballerina for the first time.

Here's some highlights from her "school year" ...

September 10, 2012 ...
1st day of preschool

September 21, 2012 ...
1st dance class

September 23, 2012 ...
1st airplane ride
(the pilot let Lucy sit in the co-pilot's seat when the plane was empty)

What a way to spend her 4th birthday!

And Lucy did something very special for a friend of hers one day ...

At snack time, Lucy moved her chair to sit by a friend who didn't have anyone sitting next to her. They had been assigned a snack-seating chart, so this was one of those days when a little girl was just sitting alone. Lucy's heart went out to her friend and she simply did not want her friend to be lonely.

My heart both swelled with pride that she had compassion for her friend ...
and it broke just visualizing how sad the scene was set. 
I honestly believe that God orchestrates situations in our lives that will bring us aware that we are to be as He is -- 
and God absolutely loves our little children ...
ummmm --- HIS little children. 

With so many "firsts" occurring in Lucy's life over this past school year, it has become more evident that she simply puts God first in her heart ... then others ... then herself.  
Oh to have the heart and spirit of a little one. 

Dear Lucy, 
Thank you for being sensitive to others. Your heart shines through in everything you do. Please always follow God's directions for your life & your heart for others. You don't realize this, but you are truly one of the most awesome role models in your Granny's life. 
Whether you're at Walter Reed giving out welcome bags to our
Little Warriors ... 
or off on an adventure with your friends ... 
or learning more about God at preschool or Sunday School ...
or simply just doing everyday here at home -- 
YOU are who I strive to be as ... everyday.  
You are my role model & my inspiration, 
and I just know that God has some mighty awesome plans for you. 
I Love You Always Sweetie, 
Your Granny


Sheila Atchley said...

Such a special post. Lucy is also very very blessed. Thanks, Susan, for being my friend.


Doris said...

She has seen a lot in her 5 years. Bless her. Such a sweetheart. What a blessing she is for you!