Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Update on Our Little Ones

Tag immediately crawled as fast as he could to his Grandad :)
Last night Tag came home from the hospital!!! His temperature had stabilized for 24 hours without medications & he had normal diapers (which is something to always look for when babies are sick). The doctors still do not know the *why* but hopefully the bloodwork that was sent to a specialist lab will give us some answers in the next few days.


We really couldn't have made it the past few days without the prayers & support from our friends (whether the ones we personally know or our friends through our blog community).

**Please continue to pray that God will reveal the test results soon and Tag can be on his way to a normal healthy baby-hood.**

Lucy was so excited when I told her & Grandad that Tag was on his way home! She's missed her baby brother so much ... and she's missed her Mommy & Daddy probably more. She immediately asked if Tag was bringing Mommy & Daddy home too.  A few times over the weekend ordeal, we would have to reassure Lucy that Mommy, Daddy & Tag were not leaving her forever. 

Making good use of Tag's hospital bed with snacks & a movie :)

She was still worried that they would have to go back to Walter Reed and the Fisher House for Tag to get better.  So we would reassure her that Tag was at a local hospital & we all even made a visit to his room on Sunday. But when little ones go through traumatic experiences (such as her Daddy's war injuries earlier in the year), it takes so much longer for them to emotionally heal. 

So please keep both my little grandchildren in your prayers ... 

It's my endeavor for this year of 2013 to

pray more
worry less
leave my burdens at the foot of the cross.


Doris said...

So happy you are all home now! Sweet Lucy. It tugs at my heart to read of her concerns....but, how wonderful that she can express them.

Blessings to you, my friend!

Granny said...

She tugs at our hearts too, Doris ... it amazes me how much she expresses herself & her feelings. Sometimes we all need reminded that she's only 4. God surely has some big plans for her future.