Thursday, August 25, 2011

This is (My) Day That The Lord Hath Made

(Originally posted August 24th)

August 24th ... a kind of a significant yet insignificant day in history. Here's just a few highlights:

 It's the 236th day of the year (237 if a leap year).
There's only 122 more shopping days 'til Christmas (I've started already, how about you?).

1814 - British troops invaded Washington, setting fire to the White House, Capitol & other buildings.
1857 - the New York branch of the Ohio Life Insurance & Trust failed, thus sparking the Panic of 1857.
1932 - Amelia Earhart set out on her 19 our flight from Los Angeles to Newark, NJ making her the 1st woman to fly solo non-stop from coast to coast.
1949 - the North Atlantic Treaty came into force. 
1989 - Pete Rose was banned from baseball.
1991 - Mikhail Gorbachev resigned as head of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.
1992 - Hurricane Andrew slammed into Florida as a category 5 causing insurmountable damage & dozens of deaths.
 2006 - the International Astronomical Union declared that Pluto was no longer a planet but rather a "dwarf planet". (Personally, I was crushed with this news.)

There have been some significant people in history born on August 24th:

1198  --  King Alexander II of Scotland
1845  --  James C. Calhoun 
1929  --  Yasser Arafat
1955  --  Mike Huckabee
1958  --  Steve Guttenberg
1960  --  Cal Ripken, Jr
1962  --  Major Garrett
1965  --  Marlee Matlin & Reggie Miller
1981  --  Chad Michael Murray

And my list of significant people and events could go on ... some people I have no idea who they are ... some events I've heard of or seen in my lifetime.  If you're interested, just Google today's date and see how many different websites post trivia for every single day of the year.  But, back to today ... 

Today is the day that God set as the day of my birth 
(40 + years ago).

At first I wasn't going to post about my birthday.  I guess the older I get, the less emphasis I really put on this day.  
But then I started thinking ... GOD chose THIS day for me to come into His creation. 
I am a part of His master plan ... nobody else can do what God created me to do ... 
He knows the plans He has for me ... 
He knows me.

So, as I am always thankful for every day, and every moment that God gives me ... I am very thankful for today ... August 24, 2011 ... set aside for my birthday. God has blessed me beyond anything I could have ever wished or hoped for ... my wonderful husband ... wonderful "kids" ... adorable Lucy ... Little Valentine ... my wonderful parents ... an abundance of family & friends ... and my wonderful blogging friends.

Life is wonderful ... life is good.

Oh yeah .. And Lucy was ready for "Granny's birthday cupcake" before 9AM today!!!  

Yes, life is good ...

And God is great! 

After a family dinner at Brio Tuscan Grille, my husband & I relaxed out on our deck.  I started dating "this guy" one month after my 19th birthday ... and then here we are on my 47th birthday ... yes, God is awesome!

Almost 28 years together.


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Dayna Musto said...

I love this scripture - This is the Day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it! I'm so glad I found you today. I'm following from the Finding New Friends blog hop. Follow back when you can at Have a wonderful weekend.