Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Thanksgiving Prayer Request

Many of us are frantically making preparations for Thanksgiving --- shopping, cooking, cleaning, baking. We do not want to miss even the tiniest of details for our friends & families. Some of us may even be preparing for an early "Christmas" with family coming in from all parts of the world. At our house, we're just praying that Lucy will soon be over the cold and sniffles -- the runny nose and congested chest -- the restless days and sleep-deprived nights. We know she is on the mend, but she still needs a day or so to heal her 'less than 30 lb.' body. But, we know that with the proper rest, lots of water and of course banana popsicles (the perfect 'medicine' for a scratchy throat -- Mommy recommended & Granny approved), Lucy will be bouncing around the house like her normal 2 year-old-self this weekend. And for this, we are thankful.

However, there's a very tiny little boy I want to introduce to you. His name is Brody Christopher and he was born 3 months premature (yes, THREE WHOLE MONTHS premature). Brody and his parents, along with the rest of his family really need special prayers. Please follow this link to Mrs. GI Joe's blog post that will give more information on this special "tiniest" miracle. God is the God of miracles and healing, and we just ask for a special Thanksgiving prayer for Brody & family.

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I'm Sheila Atchley. said...

Saying a prayer for this little one, even now...

Granny said...

Thank you! His parents got to hold him for the first time today ... a Christmas blessing.