Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday, Miss Lucy Michaela

~~~ Happy 2nd Birthday, Lucy Michaela ~~~

Two years ... WOW!!! I know, "time flies when you're having fun" ... but time seems to zip by at the speed of lightning with grandchildren (even one grandchild).

Lucy Michaela entered our world at 2:17pm September 23, 2008.  Mrs. 'Joe had already decided that she was birthing all natural (she sure didn't get that from her Mother).  'Joe was driving 8 hours (actually should have been longer, but ...) from a temporary post to be with his wife (he actually got to the hospital 20-30 minutes after Lucy's grand entrance).  G-G had driven almost 2 hours in morning rush hour traffic to get to the hospital to be with her granddaughter & meet her great-granddaughter. 

Lucy arrived as her Mommy's OBGYN was down the hall attending to another mommy who was birthing too.  So, with only Granny & the attending nurse in the room with Mommy, Lucy Michaela entered our world.
I would love to introduce you to our daughter, son-in-law, and Lucy by inviting you to stop by Mrs. 'Joe's blog .  Granddad & I are very proud of 'our kids' -- not only for them giving us the greatest gift imaginable, but for their service & devotion to God and our country.  And what better day for the introductions as we celebrate Miss Lucy Michaela!

Lucy & Granddad on Sept 24 ... one of my favorite pics

Sept 25 ... Good thing it wasn't Granddad's busy season!

Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

Love, Granny & Granddad 

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Mrs. G.I. Joe said...

Man...that day feels like too long ago! But still like yesterday. She was so tiny! I remember when they came in and told me how much she weighed I thought "No, the child I just delivered {natrually} had to be MUCH bigger." haha

Of course our girl couldn't settle for a quiet "normal" entrance but that's what I love about her!