Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Honor of Veterans Day

I am quite late in my posting for Veterans Day 2016 ...
a day set aside those who serve our wonderful country in our great military.

I personally love reading of President Woodrow Wilson (in 1919) who set aside
November 11 as Armistice Day as our country was healing from The Great War
(later referred to as World War I)...
and then in 1954 (as our great country was again healing from World War II),
President Dwight Eisenhower issued the first Veterans Day Proclamation to honor those who not only served our country in The Great War, but also those who served to protect our Constitution in World War II.

 What a blessing and honor and privilege it is to live in our wonderful country...
never to be taken for granted.
Veterans Day 2016 was an honor for our daughter's family...
they were invited to sit on the platform at Arlington National Cemetery for the
Veterans Day Ceremony.
What an honor! So (like any proud Momma would do), I recorded C-SPAN as I watched to see if I could catch a glimpse of our kids (I know, such a long-shot)...

but I did ...

Our daughter with her "Jackie-O" style dress and sunglasses...
hand over her heart as she sets the example of her respect for our great country.
Words cannot describe how proud I was to see her at that moment --
tears flowed rapidly down my face.

And if you look closely in the right-hand corner behind the C-SPAN logo ... that's our Tag! And the dark shadow close to Tag's head ... that's our son-in-law Michael.
Lucy was actually sitting on the other side of their friend in the tan coat. 
(As an aside, their friend is on staff with a non-profit that does amazing work for wounded warrior families!)

I'll share another amazing God-filled Veterans Day story with you later ...
but suffice it to say ...

Jeremiah 29:11
For I know the plans I have for you ...

Romans 8:28
And we know all things work for the good of those who love God and
are called to His purpose

Life changes with every second that goes by ...
2017 is Granny's year to live my moments


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

2017 ... Intentional

I've been looking back on 2016 with some self-admitted guilt.  You know, the guilt of not...
not losing the weight that I had promised myself
not writing more on my blog
not completing my house painting
not tapping into my creativity
not cutting down on my caffeine (consumed solely in soft-drink)
not ________________
not _____________
not ____
well, you get the picture... don't you???

So now we've closed the year of 2016 and I look ahead to this new year of 2017.  I've really never been a person to make a resolution for a new year...
I've broken tons more than I've kept ... and have simply forgotten more within the first few weeks of any new year than I could ever remember for the entire year.
So now I'm looking ahead at 2017 not with a resolution but rather with a focus.  Sometimes it's so easy to move through the motions of each day. We all can get so caught up in our daily routines, that sometimes we (I actually refer to myself) allow the days to slip by us.  I am so very much guilty of this!
 Hence my endeavor to live daily in being


To those who already live everyday life by being intentional, I applaud you -- you are truly my heroes! 
I am learning.
I know that being intentional will take diligence --  discipline -- determination

But --- (through God's grace)
I'm up for the challenge!

Dan & I have had some eye-opening conversations over the past few weeks as to how we as a couple will be intentional together in this new year.

We will be intentional on what we feed our bodies as well as feeding our minds. 
We will be intentional on how we spend the finances that God has trusted to us.
We will be intentional on what we do with our time (relationships, work, recreation).
We will be intentional with how we spend our time together.

I'm looking forward to see what God has in store for me (Dan & our family) in 2017.
I will post some personal updates on our family in the next day or so ... it's been a very busy time in our household since I last posted!

Until I post again ...

~~ May God continue to shine His light on each of you and your family ~~

(The photos on this post are ones I have found online.  Ann Voskamp & inCourage are 2 of my favorite women's ministry connections)

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Seeing is Believing ...

And then today -- Sunday -- Dan & I just needed to make the trip to their house ...


 just to make sure they are all okay ...


... but in the middle of it all ...


it could have had a completely different ending ...


Still need prayers for the days ahead ...

physical -- mental -- emotional
insurance ... replacement van

Thankfulness to God & His angels for
protecting our kids ...

Saturday, October 15, 2016

And in a Flash...

Weekends are getting pretty busy in our household...
Jacqueline & the grands come down Thursday afternoons for Tag's karate class followed by Lucy's two-hour intensive dance classes.
Then it's homeschooling on Fridays followed by two more intensive dance classes for Lucy.

 Lucy & Tag worked on some Halloween projects this week.


And then gave their Grandad a lesson this morning on making spiders...
then back to their house to get ready for their fall festival on post...

Dan & I were doing some outside work when my cell phone rang.  It was Michael's phone... but Jacqueline on the other line. 
"First I need to say that the kids and I are okay but... we've been in a wreck."
I sunk. 

They were rear-ended at such a high impact that forced them into the vehicle in front of them.

Lucy & Tag were in the back seat excited to go the military fall festival -- dressed up in their costumes and looking festive.

And then the impact...

scared ...
shaken ...
extreme anxiety

Please keep our kids in your prayers ...
they had waited for several months on the transfer of their donated van -- and now the wreck...

God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.
Psalm 46:1


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"Love Isn't About Agreeing... It's About Sacrificing"

I found this nugget of truth when I signed on to my Facebook this morning.  It's so refreshing when God brings hearts & minds together even through people we may never know or meet this side of heaven.

I have been thinking on this very subject for several days (actually longer, but contemplating a blog post for several days)...
I have Ann Voskamp starred as a "see first" in my newsfeed.  She is so encouraging with her devotions & messages...
and yet this can be a challenge as well.

"Love isn't about agreeing with someone"

I love my husband dearly... and I love my daughter & her family dearly... I love my parents & family dearly...

but we do not agree on everything...
and that's okay.
God made each of us as unique individuals who have minds of our own...
and we use them.

"It's about sacrificing for someone"

I grew up physically surrounded by my family... my Granny & Aunt Karen lived in the homeplace in the center -- with my family, my aunts, uncles & cousins a stone's throw away (each of Granny's children were given part of the homeplace to build their homes).
In such a big family, we all loved each other...
but we didn't necessarily agree on everything...
but we all loved each other (and still do).

I watched as sacrifice after sacrifice was made in each household... and collectively as one family.
And I've also seen the opposite side of this --
"if you loved me, you'd agree with me"
"since I don't agree with you, I'm withholding my love & support from you"
There's a scene from one of the UPtv movies that hits this nail right smack on its head. 
Ed Asner played the old grandfather who had disowned his daughter when she married the son of his "arch enemy".  Years had gone by...  then his granddaughter came back to the hometown to take care of her Mother's estate.  The young lady had never met her grandfather... no relationship... no bond... no anything.

Here's a closing scene from the movie that brings Ann Voskamp's message into perspective.


We don't have to agree ...
and if we don't, it's still okay.

Sometimes it's our own pride that we must sacrifice in order
to cultivate our relationships with others.

in families
in friendships
in the workplace
in our communities
in our churches

Just because we may not agree with someone...
it certainly does not give us God's permission to withhold from them.

After all,
didn't God give His One & Only Son for us?

Sunday, September 25, 2016

33 Years Later... A Grand Birthday Weekend

And so in the middle of a busy birthday weekend ... there's Granny's pneumonia.
I had thought (wished) that when the doctor told me "early stages of pneumonia" that she actually meant -- well, there might be a "tinge of something but you'll be good as new by Friday" (Lucy's birthday).

However ... that was not the case. But as I sit here in a quiet house, this weekend was so much more than me missing out on some of Lucy's birthday activities.

Yesterday (Saturday) marked the 33rd year of my first date with Dan.  I'll be honest -- I had been head over heels for him since I first saw him at my high school.  He was the new guy at school in his junior year and I was a freshman (with 3 cousins who would graduate with him).  So when he asked me out on a date 3 1/2 years later ... yes, I was over the moon.

... and then we fast-forward 33 years ... 


~~~ we celebrate our granddaughter's 8th birthday ~~~

Heaping upon heaping of God's grace in between
September 24, 1983 to September 24, 2016...

lots of life
lots of grace
lots of God

{{Lucy's birthday September 23, 2016 ... since I was recovering from pneumonia & her Momma had a doctor appointment that morning, Lucy & Tag spent the morning at the mall with their Grandad (who rearranged his work schedule to be available to hang out with our grands while I recuperate) ...
then on with Momma for special birthday treats & Lucy new tap shoes ...
then 2 dance classes Friday evening ...
then on Saturday, her Daddy brought Maci down for more birthday celebrations --
Maci is Michael's new service dog & is already part of our family}}

... and Life is Good ...

Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy 8th Birthday!!!

Happy 8th Birthday to our sweet granddaughter ~~~

Lucy Michaela

She's a 2nd grader!

It's so remarkable how fast time flies by with our grands...
and we try to get in as much "grand" time as we possible.
She stayed up late to see him ... tax season 2009

Big smile when we asked "are you talking to GG?"
 God is so good and I just know that He has some mighty big plans
for this girl. 
Welcome to our family, little brother! February 2012

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day... with my girl, Lucy, my girl!

She lives to dance ... May 2016
 And she always wears her heart
on her smiling face!

An early birthday bouquet ... September 2012

Introducing Tag to Krispy Kreme ... March 2013

Granny & Grandad love you,

Miss Lucy Michaela

Disney 2016
May you always allow God to direct your steps and
always show the world your
big heart and big smile!

Me & my girl ... Fall 2014

Dancing at the "Top of the World" at Disney... December 2012

Time flies when you blink ...